As Certified Pediatric Massage Therapists we work with children and families from age one all the way through adulthood. The children we were work come from all different backgrounds; this ranges from children with autism, anxiety, ADHD, downs syndrome to those struggling with growing pains or young athletes looking to improve sports performance and prevent injury. No matter what the circumstance, our goal is to help impact children in a positive way by teaching positive body image, providing healthy, nurturing touch, and helping children and the ones who love them to blossom and grow in their bodies.


-Improved sleep patterns

-Decreased anxiety

-Improved digestion/appetite

-Decreased agitation

-Decreased discomfort from growing pains

-Improved athletic performance

-Decreased athletic injuries


-Improves bonding between child and parent/caregiver

-Improves communication between child and parent/caregiver

-Provides relaxation and decreased stress hormones for parent/caregiver

-May help to increase confidence in parenting/caregiver skills.


-Before our first session we perform an extensive intake process including a phone conversation to establish your goals as a family, your child’s likes and dislikes, your child’s history with touch as well as health history forms and release forms.

-New clients start with a 3 session series. This gives time for your child to acclimate and get comfortable with the process. After the initial 3 sessions services can be purchased individually.

-Each session will be about 30 minutes in length. For younger kids 30 minutes is about all they can handle.

-Every child is unique and each session will be adjusted based on their needs

-A parent/ caregiver must be present for the entire session for children under the age of 18.