Hands down the best therapy and massage I have ever gotten. I would not be able to compete in the events I do without Caitlin and Victoria on my team.
— Dustin Aschenbach

As a chiropractor, I understand the need for massage and soft tissue work. Caitlin with Thomas & Co. does great work and takes care of the patients I send her way. She is particularly amazing with athletes. Not only is she an amazing massage therapist, but she also does a lot of beneficial things and volunteer work here in the Frederick community- a real inspiration and shining example of a great healthcare professional. If you are in the market for a massage therapist, I HIGHLY recommend Caitlin!
— Dr. Cassie Dougherty DC

Had a massage and a little cupping therapy today at this cute little spot. My therapist was Victoria she was awesome. Very relaxing atmosphere. Will definitely be returning for more massages! If your in Urbana check them out!
— Rie M

I have a long history of back problems stemming from years of athletics. Last year it finally got the best of me and I had to have surgery. Two nerves had been pinched for about 3 months so I was in tremendous pain. Post-op was much better but I wasn’t healing as well as I felt I should AND COULD. I contacted Caitlin Thomas for help. This was the best phone call I’ve made as far as healing goes. She has used a combination of treatments/therapy: IASTM which is using instruments to assist in the manipulation of the soft tissue and FST which stretches the fascial tissue. I cannot tell you how much these two methods have helped me. My leg and foot, which have been numb and so uncomfortable I have had difficulty sleeping, are now on the path to NORMAL. I may eventually be pain-free thanks to Caitlin. I wish I could give her 10 stars, and even then it wouldn’t be enough.
— Jodi Holcomb

I have been seeing Caitlin for 3 years now. Amazing deep tissue massage and now even better with her IASTM and fascial stretching! I compete in men’s physique bodybuilding and my workouts have never been better! Her work has also helped with my posture as well! I 100% recommend Caitlin Thomas Massage! Caitlin does an absolutely amazing job!
— Kenny Smith

Wonderful experience and my back feels great. Love the stretching and Victoria is amazing.
— Pamela Bieda