A painless technique used to soften and re-introduce scar tissue back into the fascial web. Our goal with ScarWork technique is to return the tissue home. We want the dense tissue to become the adaptable three dimensional fascial web again by releasing the current adhesion pattern and allowing the tissue to “go home”.


-Improve the look as well as function of tissue around the scar

-Potential to improve or restore sensory and sometimes motor nerve function

-Improve internal organ function, blood and lymph circulation

-Improve range of motion, strength and elasticity of the tissue

-Improve endometriosis symptoms

-Decrease pulling or discomfort associated with the scar

-Soften the scar making repeat surgeries such as a second c-section easier and improve healing times

Things to know:

-ScarWork can be done as a stand alone therapy or can be combined with our other services.

-Smaller scars may need only a minute or two of work where larger, more involved scars may need up to 90 minutes of work. Some scars will require more than one session

-Each scar is unique to itself and will require a unique approach

-Work on a scar can contribute to a release in tissue elsewhere in the body and may require we work to reintegrate those areas

-It is never to late to improve a scar.

-Surgical scars may require a doctors note before work can begin